Turbo Filters

Extra Turbo

Extra turbo filters. It is a superior product for our loyal customers. This filter is equipped with the highest quality cotton, charcoal and magnet that provide the smoker with  cleaner inhaling and cooler smoke. Extra turbo filters are available in black, brown and white colors.

Turbo Tip

Turbo Tip filter. This filter is unique due to its length and extraordinary design, and it is also available in black and brown colors. There are two types of these filters, crystal glass and cotton filters, both filters protect from impurities and provide a fresh smoking.

New Double Turbo

Turbo double filter. This filter contains double cotton that cleans the smoke by blocking up to 48% nicotine, although the taste and flavor of dokha remain traditional. Turbo double filters are available in black and brown colors.

Turbo Yellow

Turbo yellow. The filter contains high quality cotton that does not allow impurities to pass through. This filter lets you enjoy clean smoking by blocking up to 33% nicotine.

Medico filters

Medico Pipe filters are used in our TURBO SPECAIL EDITIONS PIPE . Medico Filters super absorbent pipe filters that remove unwanted tars and nicotine. When the filter turns brown, it’s time to say adios, simple as that. It accommodates any pipe capable of utilizing 6mm filter. Medico Pipe Filters keep your smoking cool and clean. These filters are made in USA .