Bin Khumery Group is the only company that implements only natural way of producing dokha. Turbo Dokha is a traditional Arabic tobacco that has been farmed and manufactured without any help of machinery and chemical additives. Our product gives a smoker relaxing Fuzz (head spin) that depends on the blend of the tobacco. There are two types of dokha, the traditional dokha and the modern blend flavored dokha. Dokha comes in many blends, flavors, and brand names. However, there are 3 main categories of dokha such as cold dokha, warm dokha, hot dokha. It important to highlight that strength of dokha does not always indicate the level buzz, for instance some cold dokha may give stronger buzz rather than the hot once.

Dokha comes in 3 main categories such as, cold dokha that is light and smooth mainly for the beginners preferring light buzz, warm dokha provides a pleasant buzz while enjoying an exceptional smoke preferred by medium experienced smokers and the hot dokha offers a strong flavor and exceeding head spin, usually consumed by experienced smokers. Bin khumery Group categorized the dokha by colors and numbers. Color of the bottle demonstrates the quality and the class of dokha, while number indicates the stregth such as 1 means cold, 2 means warm and 3 means hot

Bin Khumery Group owns tobacco plantations in UAE, Oman, Iran and Pakistan. It is worth to mention that tobacco is very sensitive and Bin may get easily damaged if machinery is used for the harvesting purposes; therefore at Bin Khumery Group Farms all the cultivation processes are hand-made. Various types of tobacco are grown in UAE, Oman, Iran and Pakistan under different sunlight conditions that make flavor of the particular blend unique. And also when tobacco is grown, there are top leaves that gain more sunlight whereas middle and bottom leaves gain less sunlight, each of them are separated and used for a particular flavor.

We are only company in tobacco industry who have been able to meet the requirements of UAE market (Dubai, Abu-Dhabi etc) with respect to the quality and the blending of dokha. It is very important to plant the tobacco on the fertile lands, as in UAE and Oman the most of the lands are not farming. However, Bin Khumery Dokha is planted into the high quality fields that are irrigated with fresh water only. Dokha is an annual crop, which is usually harvested by hand. After harvest, tobacco is stored for drying, by hanging in large piles that allows our product to take some rest that helps gain the smoothness of smoke. Following that, dokha has to be cleared of stems and dust then cropped in an appropriate manner.

a) Dokha is an organic product that is raised and manufactured without any chemical additives.
b) Only one puff of dokha is enough to enjoy a premium product to satisfy the smoker and to let feel the fine buzz, unlike other tobacco products.
c) In the current business world time is very valuable, therefore dokha helps to get what you desire in the shortest period of time.
d) Dokha is a very reasonably priced product that can save some cash to the regular smoker. One bottle of dokha contains 80-100 medwakh feeling depends on the size of tobacco, which means if you smoke 10 times a day 1 bottle of dokha should be enough for 8-10 days.
e) Smoke of dokha does not stick to the fabrics or skin.
f)Finally, it is less health damaging. Only 3 puffs for few times a day, while other tobacco products requires to do much more inhales.

Medwakh is an Arabian smoking pipe. Originally, medwakh was made of animal bones, although today craftsman mainly use wood. The bowl of medwakh is smaller than western tobacco pipe that can only provide up to 3-4 puffs of dokha. Users feel the medwakh by dipping it into the container of dokha and then smoking. Medwakh is a handmade pipe that can be designed on demand of customers. It can be made of various materials such as wood, bone, base, metal, marble, steel, gold, silver, plastic or glass. Bin Khumery Group produces over 1000 medwakhs everyday in Al-Ain factory that supplies Al-Ain, Abu-Dhabi and Dubai showrooms of the company.

Any company wishing to become an agent of Bin Khumery Group for Turbo dokha products, molases, shisha-hookah and other smoking products is required to have several years of experience in this field, an office, sufficient storeroom with all necessary facilities, transportation facilities and the adequately trained sales team. However, please send us an e-mail to info@turbodokha.com, dokhauae@gmail.com or visit our head office in Dubai and we will consider our partnership, we are very supportive and keen to provide the best possible help to all our agents.

wo main factors are essential in characterizing the dokha, such as Buzz and Feeling in the throat. The expensive dokha is the one that is cold (light in the throat) although it gives an exceeding buzz. So, pleasent feeling in the throat and great buzz is the combination that comes in expensive dokha and preferred bu most of the smokers. Expensive dokha contains an exceptional sort of tobacco that can easily be damaged during harvesting and we are able to farm and produce smaller quantity in contrast with other types.

Bin Khumery Group categorized the dokha products by colors and each color comes in numbers from 1 to 3. Color of the bottle demonstrates the quality in terms of blending, while the number demonstrates the strength, for instance 1 – cold, 2-medium, 3-hot.

There are number of fine dokha producers and brands internationally that we respect and have a good relationship with. For instance, UAE market players are Yousef Rida dokha, Abu Mohammed dokha and others; and the brand holders are Scorpion dokha (UAE), al-Medwakh (UAE), Bin Essa (Exclusive Kuwait Trading Est), Medwakh.com (USA), Iconic dokha (USA), Empire dokha (USA), Enjoy dokha (UK), Deluxe dokha (UK), Master of medwakh (UK) etc.

Bin Khumery with Turbo brand has several criteria that make it unique in the market. One of the essential criteria is the ability to keep the constant supply of the same quality dokha for the long run. Due to our experience in tobacco business and our tobacco plantations, we are able to control our prices and make sure that the quality of our products will always be up to the standard.