Turbo Pipe Cleaner


– Turbo pipe cleaner is handy tool with the brush finish that will always keep the medwakh clean. its length is 15cm and one pack includes 20 pieces of cleaner.


– Turbo pipe cleaner medium made from special nylon with brush finish comes in 15cm length and one pack includes 50 pieces.


– Turbo pipe cleaner Long made from special nylon with brush finish comes in 20cm length and one pack includes 40 pieces. It is good for long medwakh or pipes.

Double Steel

– It is multifunctional 3 in 1 design is made of stainless steel wire entwined with stiff nylon. Its tool can be used for medwakh, pipe, and water pipe. It comes in 18cm length of brushes & 17cm of steel and pipe head cleaner.

Air Cleaner

Turbo Air pipe Cleaner is a high pressure air spray that cleans and unblocks your medwakh pipe by removing the ash and tar leaving your medwakh/pipe clear. It keeps the medwakh fresh for a longer period. Shake well before use and it is neither CFCs, HCFCs and nor flammable. Keep the container in a well ventilated area. Keep out of reach of children and keep tightly closed and store at temperature not exceeding 30 ‘C.

Turbo Steel Pipe Cleaner

Turbo medwakh cleaner tool is very functional bit of kit and of unique design and washable. It cleans medwakh hole with the tool and medwakh head with cover. This extremely useful tool comes with its own acrylic kit so it keeps your dokha kit clean wherever you go.

Turbo Ashtray

Turbo Ashtray Specially designed not only to hold the ash but also has a nice resting spot for your smoking pipe. It can be used for medwakh ,pipe, cigarettes and cigar. It is available in 5 colors Gold, Black, Gun Metal and Rose Gold.

Turbo Aluminum Bottle

Turbo aluminum Bottle is made of aluminum with silver, gold and black color surface. These bottles are recommended to prevent dokha from sunlight as well as warm weather. it contributes color and taste of your dokha to remain the same. It is available in three colors. (BLACK, SILVER, GOLD)

Turbo Glass Bottle

Turbo glass Bottle is made of crystal with silver and black color surface. It ensures that color & flavor of the tobacco remain the same. It has a two side open option at the bottom and top of the bottle.


Turbo Lighter Case holds & protects lighter from damage. It will fit in a small BIC lighter. It comes in black and silver colors.

TURBO Bag Carbon Fiber

Turbo carbon bag High quality pouch made from carbon fiber material on the outside and soft microfiber liner on the inside. his Pure Carbon Fiber wallet is minimalistic, making it the perfect modern accessory. It is lightweight, and comfortable with elegant look.


Turbo Bag his pouch is made of leather design comes with Grey and Black where you can put the pipe, filter and/or any other small items.